Daedalus Marketing

To many business Owners small, medium and large, the effective "over all" marketing of their business is a bit of a mystery and some times can be completely confusing.

While it's easy to find a printer or a web design firm and there are a million graphic designers around, it is not so easy to find an experienced marketing company that can provide your business with a complete marketing package designed to achieve a specific result.

It is this holistic approach that is the key to effective marketing of your business. As a rule no one thing will determine the marketing success of your business. Think of it as a jigsaw puzzle. Once all the pieces are together the picture is clear for both you the business Owner and just as importantly your Customers and potential customers. That picture will be different and unique for most every business as will the parts that go together to make that picture.

So the Daedalus team look at your business as a whole and design the end picture first. once we agree on what we all want as an end marketing picture for your business we then go about the business of creating each of the pieces of the puzzle that make up that picture.

There exists a huge variety of ways to market your business, the trick is in understanding which will get the job done most effectively and with in budget. Which methods we propose will be determined by the desired result, time frames and budgets.

The Daedalus marketing team have worked with hundreds of businesses and individuals around Australia. From start up sole traders with "a bit of an idea" to substantial operating companies that are looking towards modernizing and moving with the times. What ever the case Daedalus has a wealth of experience and a substantial network of marketing related businesses that we can call on for their expertise and services. The Daedalus network also affords our Clients the best possible price for product and services.

We believe the effective marketing of your business is not an added benefit it is a prerequisite. If you are doing well now with out it you could be doing even better (much better) with it. The world you are doing business in is ever changing and evolving for better or worse. Your business needs to evolve and change with it to maximise all opportunities. If you are not moving forward then by default your business is going backwards because the market place is evolutionary it never stops moving.

Here are just some of the areas the Daedalus team is involved in:

  • Printing (digital and offset)
  • Website design
  • Website hosting
  • Website Search Engine optimisation and marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Logo design
  • Company/business profiles
  • Electronic media (facebook, twitter, online marketing)
  • Billboard media
  • Cinema media
  • Print media (local/regional/national)
  • Promotion products
  • Radio advertising (placement and production)
  • TV advertising (placement and production)
  • Public relations
  • Direct mail (lists and offer design/production)
  • Shop-a-docket


Daedalus Marketing Pty Ltd -- ABN: 58 126 044 040