The Daedalus Procurement System

Take the time, effort, cost and stress out of procuring practically everything your company needs!

There is a very real cost associated with your company going about the business of finding and buying the general and specific things it needs to function properly on a day to day basis. Whether it is basic consumables, specialist items for a particular project, small or large, one off purchases or indeed large volume items. What ever the case, your purchase needs to be at the best possible price and delivered as and when needed.

To achieve this objective your Company needs either a permanent internal purchasing department with all of the costs and potential hassles that go with that or a viable cost effective alternative that you can rely on to get you what you need when you need it. A one stop purchasing shop with a simple and effective system.

Daedalus Marketing is a Tamworth ( NSW ) based Company that has developed, over the years, a range of key attributes to ensure our Clients get what they need when they need it and at the best possible price.

Substantial administration infrastructure

The Daedalus procurement system has been developed over the years and includes layers of protection, checks and balances and a clear set of administrative procedures ensuring a smooth and uncorrupted transfer of information in all directions. Whether we are procuring a box of toilet paper or a combine harvester for your businesses our comprehensive admin system ensures what you want is what you get with minimal fuss, bother or room for error.

State of the art communications systems

The first step to be able to get your company the best deals possible or even just to find what it is you are looking for is a state of the art communications system. The latest computer hardware, constantly updated soft ware, the fastest possible internet connections, fail safes and back up systems all contribute to a fast and effective result every time.

A team of trained professionals

While infrastructure is important, people make the difference. The Daedalus procurement team consist of individuals that are professionals in their chosen field. From our Receptionist to our office Manager, our researchers to our negotiators, each are skilled in performing their tasks to the highest possible level. It is our people that make the difference because we care, we enjoy what we do, we look forward to the challenge and achieving the desired result.

A considerable and very broad supplier base

Knowing what you want or need is one thing. Knowing where to get it is something completely different. A broad supplier base and a comprehensive bank of manufacturer and supplier information is a key element to finding what you need and getting it delivered to you on time and in budget.

The Daedalus procurement system can be tailor made to fit exactly your Companies particular circumstances. What ever your Company needs, Daedalus Procurement can:

  • Research the available options
  • Source the best suppliers
  • Offer you a detailed report on available quality, price, source, delivery options
  • Negotiate all aspects of the purchase
  • Facilitate the purchase
  • Administrate all aspects of the purchase
  • Coordinate the delivery
  • Finalize the paperwork
  • Complete the follow up

Your Company can be confident that the Daedalus team are working diligently to achieve the best possible result, for you. This not only ensures you get the best possible outcomes but it ensure that your business remains a client of our business on an on going basis.

Take the hassle out of purchasing. Deal with one Company that can procure everything you need. All you need to know is what you want and when you want it. The Daedalus team will do the rest.

Daedalus Marketing Pty Ltd -- ABN: 58 126 044 040