The Daedalus Marketing team's focus is all about researching, developing and working with our Clients to implement comprehensive business plans and other important documents that constitute the framework of any well run business.

Unfortunately a substantial number of businesses throughout the country either operate with a defunct business plan or worse still, no plan at all. A directionless Company is a Company doomed to inevitable failure at worst, or not achieving its realisable potential at best. 

A business plan is an integral and important part of doing business. Any business, small or large needs to have a clear understanding of where it has been, where it is and where it is going.  If you, as a Director of a Company, do not have a plan for the good times and the bad times then you are lost and your business destiny is in the hands of circumstance. History has proven time and time again that circumstances effecting business are more often than not detrimental to that business if left unattended or are not planned for.

Over decades of dealing with all manner of businesses we have yet to come across one single business that has not experienced difficult times. Business is all about evolution. Your business should be evolving all the time and if your business is not moving forward then it is, by default, moving backwards. No business can tread water and survive. The growth of 99% of businesses is not a nice smooth bell curve but it is a set of stairs that are, by there very nature, fraught with danger for a thousand different reasons.

A business plan is not forcibly about the end resulting document, it is about the process that we and you are required to go through to end up with that document. This process forces everybody to consider the many different aspects of your business venture and the many and varied circumstances that you and your business may find them selves in, over the course of time.

A business plan forces you to pull apart and put back together both the macro and the micro aspects of your business and to take a close look at the good, the bad and the ugly.

A business plan is about having a destination for your business and then developing the systems, procedures and strategies to dramatically improve your chances of arriving there.

A business plan provides the infrastructure and framework for your business to maximize prosperity in the good times and minimise risk in the bad times.

A business plan ensures all the players in your team know, understand and agree with the Company direction, their specific roles and obligations, and cements their commitment to both the team and that direction.

A business plan is not set in concrete. It is by its very nature evolutionary as your business should be and the business environment that surrounds it is.  There is nothing as constant as change in business and that is why a comprehensive business plan is essential.

Whether you are looking to start or buy a business or have been in business for years NOW is the best time to develop and implement a business plan.

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